LAHORE (PPI) The business community is disappointed with the way the economic affairs are managed by the government as well as the political parties. As a result, the business community is constantly facing uncertainty due to inconsistency in the economic policies of the govt and its coalition partners. The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises in sheer dissatisfaction with the affairs and conduct of the political parties has urged the political leadership of all political parties to resolve their differences and join hands for the economic development of the country rather than behaving in a detrimental manner causing the capital to flee from the country. President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver has on behalf of the SME sector urged the leadership of all political parties to unite to resolve their differences and focus on the economic development of Pakistan which demands immediate attention of the legislatures as other issues are of less importance as compared to the economic issues. The political instability reflects badly on the economic front and causes uncertainty and blocks progress of trade and industry he added. He pointed out that the SME sector comprises of 96pc of the businessmen and are disappointed with the way the economic affairs are managed and every now and then after intervals the businessmen is repeatedly faced with the uncertainty of the failure of the economic policies of the govt of coalition partners. He said it is indeed shameful that the foreign buyers are afraid to visit Pakistan to place their orders for textiles, sports, surgical goods and foodstuffs and are postponing their visits due to situations which gives, signals of breakdown of law and order and strikes, riots and civil commotion. He said we are at a loss to answer the prospective buyers about the state of affairs as the foreign buyers are well aware that the political leadership is at cross roads and no amount of assurance from us is sufficient to convince them that their visit would be safe and comfortable. The union has earnestly called upon the coalition partners and the political parties to show maturity and behave in a broad minded manner and collectively tackle the issues of economic setback, law and order, inflation, unemployment and health on war footings and save the country from facing miserable conditions.