A shattered, stumbling economy can never guarantee a strong peaceful and prosperous society. From USA to Israel, Japan, China and so many other countries, it is nothing but a very well-structured solid economy which has brought these countries in a position to dictate their own terms and conditions throughout the world where ever they want. It is only because of their strong economy that they are able to spend a lot not only on their arms and army but also on the improvement of the health and educational status of their people according to the changing requirements. On the other hand, there are countries like Pakistan, which are always in a state of havoc and turmoil because of their battered economies. They could have also enjoyed a much better position in the comity of nations if they had a better economy. Internally as well as externally, Pakistan is facing the worst type of economic challenge of its history. Clear indications of collapse and deterioration have made the life a painful trial for the poor masses. An atmosphere of despair and disappointment and the least hope of relief is all they have. Apparently, the credit for the situation goes to the worsening law and order situation which has gone far beyond the most frightening limits particularly in the last one decade. The suicide attacks and bomb blasts have closed all possible inlets of investment. Those who had already invested here in different development projects are trying to search for the possibilities of shifting their investments to other countries. Insecurity and lawlessness are the basic elements which discourage local as well as foreign investment. But there are some other more serious factors which cannot be ignored in this regard. High imports, energy shortage, undocumented transaction of money and tax-evasion are few of these factors. All these factors coupled with high inflation, rampant corruption, poor governance and mismanagement are like oil to the blazing fire. Moreover tax-exemption graciously blessed upon the agriculture sector is also one of the important reasons for our economic decline. Most of the analysts on economy are of the opinion that socio-economic prosperity would become a dream even for the next generation of Pakistan if things keep on proceeding in the same manner at the same velocity. If the politicians had not wasted their time and efforts in futile pursuits and if they had shown a responsible attitude regarding the national interests, the situation could not have been so painfully depressing. Things are still not beyond control. The government of Pakistan in collaboration with the politicians could guarantee a very brilliant and prosperous future to the nation by taking a few steps. The most important of all these steps is the maintenance of law and order situation. If we succeed in improving the law and order situation, there would be no possibility of any type of violence and terrorism. And that would be the first step to our national prosperity. PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER, Multan, February 25.