ISLAMABAD - Heightened tension between the ruling PPP and main opposition party PML-N over 10-point agenda came to an end on Friday as the latter ousted PPP from the Punjab coalition government. This is not my decision. This decision has been taken by overwhelming majority of my party members, PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif told a crowded press conference shortly after daylong consultative party meeting here at the Punjab House. Nawaz Sharif who chaired marathon session of partys Central Organising Committee (COC) as well as its parliamentary parties in the National Assembly, Senate and Punjab Assembly, said only five members in the meeting of more than 300 opposed the decision to expel PPP from the Punjab government. PML-N Chief said Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif would announce modalities of change, which many observers believe would be through dissolution of the provincial cabinet, within next two days. Nawaz regretted that there had been no tangible progress on some points of their proposed agenda. As PML-N being a political entity was also accountable to people, it had become imperative to take that critical decision, he maintained. He rejected the perception that the 45-day timeline of his party was set out to drive political mileage, adding the process spanned well over three years and despite government capacity to implement 10 points, there had been no tangible progress.He went on saying that despite PML-Ns serious efforts to cooperate with the PPP-led ruling coalition in tackling the vital national issues including energy crises, floods, soft bank loans, Musharrafs accountability and arrest of Shaheed Benazir Bhuttos killers, the government did not pay heed to their demands. Answering a question over the status of Unification Bloc in the Punjab Assembly, Nawaz said the group already existed before PPP joined the PML-N to form provincial coalition government. PML-N welcomes these people back into its fold as they had not caused damage to the party despite coercive tactics by the former dictator and his political arms, the Chaudhry Brothers, he maintained. He also hoped that ruling PPP would bring about positive change in its attitude after todays decision and improve the governance in the country. Answering another question, PML-N Quaid said that his party had been following course of reconciliation with ruling PPP for the past three years, but from now onward PML-N would play an effective role of opposition that might push the government to deliver the goods. He was of the view that PML-N wanted betterment of the masses by proposing 10-point agenda but vowed to do much more it they got opportunity to form government. Answering another question that the decision of the PML-N was tantamount to breach of the landmark Charter of Democracy (CoD), Nawaz Sahrif said he had made it clear to Shaheed Benazir Bhutto that his partys cooperation was conditional to good governance. He rejected the notion that his partys decision was based on a tacit understanding with the PPP Co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari that PML-N would be given opportunity to form its government after completion of PPPs term. Nothing of the sort had ever been discussed with Zardari. Who knows people of Pakistan give votes to which party. If people re-elect the ruling PPP, PML-N will have no objection, Nawaz remarked. In response to a question about the fate of American national Raymond Davis charged for two murders, he said judiciary in Pakistan was fully independent to decide the case. Agencies add: Nawaz said that the Punjab cabinet would be dissolved and a new cabinet will be formed. He said his party wanted to rid the country of corruption, unemployment and inflation. He lamented that the Murree Declaration between the PPP and the PML-N was never implemented. When we signed the agreement in Bhurban in 2009, there were only two conditions from our side. Only a month had passed when they backed off from that agreement saying that this was not gospel. We worked for the restoration of the judges before that, he said. Nawaz said the PPP helped Musharraf get away by putting the judicial issue in the way, adding that they wanted Musharraf to leave before the deposed judges were appointed. President Zardari told me that Musharrafs November 3 step should be indemnified, said the PML-N chief. I thought at that time that I should rather quit politics. But we still walked along with them. After that, Shahbaz Sharif and I were disqualified through the Dogar court. Whether it was the judges issue or the issue of 18th and 19th Amendments, we went along with them. Many of their coalition partners left them later but we still did not let go of the PPP alliance. The entire nation knows what we got in return. During the governors rule in Punjab, Shahbaz and I were disqualified, said Nawaz. He said during our long march for the judges restoration, we were told at Gujranwala about the announcement regarding justices restoration. Had we gone to Islamabad, the rest of our problems should have been resolved but we did not focus on our personal interests, he said. Our party had taken oath to restore the judges and we strived for it. The judiciary is now doing a great job. If we indulge in wrongdoing while in power, the judiciary should check us. But even now, the decisions of the courts are being overlooked. The Supreme Court has to take notice of the trivial things. Take the example of IG Sindh. His post has been occupied by a retired man. It is a contractual post, he said. About economic situation, Nawaz said the government has taken a record number of loans during last three years and there are widespread outages of power and gas, impacting economic growth. The PML-N chief observed that loans are the primary reason for rampant inflation in the country and the economy is being run on a lifeline of loans, adding that austerity should be practised to cut expenses, which are a big burden on the national exchequer. If we save this money, it will be twice the aid amount that comes through the Kerry-Lugar Act, he pointed out. Nawaz said they did not want to make Pakistan a Panipat battlefield and wanted the government to show improvement in the next two years. About former president Pervez Musharraf, Nawaz said: It is in our partys agenda to bring him to justice so he can answer to the people. Musharraf should have done something to build dams, he insisted. Letting him go makes the present government responsible for the situation at hand. Our party was only exploited by the ruling party to achieve its own goals. He said the PML-N has set such an example of opposition which could not be found anywhere in the world. We are the only opposition which has invited the ruling party to the table for talks. When the floods struck the country, I went to the government to invite them to come and talk how to fight this disaster. Speaking further, the PML-N chief said: We could have raised a massive amount of resources to help the flood victims, but we kept on hearing the jeers of being a friendly opposition. The situation is before everyone today. On 10-point agenda, Nawaz said that the government failed to implement reforms suggested by his party. He said that the PML-N played no role in creating Unification Bloc. Rather they were the Leaguers who went astray from the party and 'now have come to the fold. The meeting was attended by members from the partys provincial councils and party council members from Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. At the end of the meeting, Nawaz said the PML-N believed in developing consensus and making decisions on those grounds. y