KARACHI - Edgy and tense relations of PPP and MQM once again surfaced in the Sindh Assembly on Friday on the issue of regularisation of thousands of lower grade employees of Sindh Education Department whose contracts expired recently. The issue had become bone of contention between the two parties. The MQM wanted to clinch the credit for the regularisation, and the PPP is taking steps to deny that advantage to its coalition partner. This was evident in the proceedings of the Sindh Assembly when a joint resolution as agreed between the two parties was brought before the Assembly for the regularisation of the employees and passed unanimously. According to the understanding reached between the two parties, after the passage of the resolution, the Chief Minister would make announcement about the modalities of the regularisation of the employees and the issue would be solved within a week. But it did not happen as was agreed and planned because the Chief Minister was not present in the house, thus the whole exercise collapsed and the employees remained suspended. Almost at the same time, when the house was passing the resolution, the police was dispersing the affected employees outside the assembly where they had gathered to demand their immediate regularisation. The atmosphere inside the House became taut when Parliamentary Party Leader of MQM Syed Sardar Ahmed told the house of the understanding reached between the two parties on the issue. His speech on a point of order irritated Parliamentary Party Leader of PPP Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq, who is also Senior Education Minister. He criticised the MQM leader for making public the understanding which was reached behind the door and asked where was the reconciliation process under which the two parties had agreed to respect each other. He said the Chief Minister had gone to Khairpur and a summary to this regard had been prepared and will be approved. Under the summary, the advertisements would be published within a week. Clarifying, he said it was not matter of the level of the Chief Minister, the secretary of concerned department had powers to appoint grade 1 to 4 employees, and added that it was the policy of the PPP government that no one would be left without a job. Pir Mazhar said the atmosphere of reconciliation was seen in the house but some hidden forces wanted to disturb it. Those who had not signed the Charter of Democracy (CoD) were sitting with us but those who had signed the CoD were bent upon leaving us, he added. The house also unanimously passed the Government Bill No-06, The Sindh Public Private Partnership (Amendment) Bill, 2010, into the law.