ISLAMABAD - The shunting out of Pakistan People's Party ministers from the Punjab Government has buried the much talked about Charter of Democracy and politics of reconciliation and now the hawks in both parties are riding the tide and have full potential to drown the incumbent political dispensation to the advantage of the forces of status quo. Background interviews with the leadership of both Pakistan People's Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz informed that the decision to oust the PPP ministers from Punjab Government would certainly not go well and said that even if the assumption of certain elements in the political parties and some political analysts is accepted that both parties have entered into another mock fight to hoodwink the masses, the hawks would not let the things settle down and in the coming days the political disorder in the country would increase. Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Mian Raza Rabbani has quite eloquently presented the government's case and the sincerity with which they had been trying to come up to the expectations of PML-N on the 10-point agenda. He also spoke softly toward their former coalition partner in Punjab but as soon as he concluded his speech, Federal Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan used harsh tongue against the PML-N and accused them of promoting 'Lotacracy' and gave them tacit warnings and threats of making them accountable for their deeds in coming days. He also referred to invoking Article 63-A dealing with defection of MPs and hinted at a legal battle with PML-N in coming days on the issue, which would obviously increase political temperatures and drift the politics back on the confrontational track which was the hallmark of the politics in the 90s. Sources in Pakistan People's Party informed The Nation that now the hawks in the party mostly sitting in the presidential camp would come in complete control of the things and the coming days and months would see political tension between the two sides at all the levels. The party sources said that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had put his best to save the coalition government in Punjab, but as he could not convince even his own party men who wanted to walk out of the Punjab Government. These sources said that in his last meeting with Mian Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday Prime Minister Gilani had tried to buy more time but as the PML-N had made up its mind and a couple of hawks were also accompanying Mian Shahbaz Sharif, therefore, he (Gilani) failed to bring Punjab Chief Minister round. Meanwhile, leaders in Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz who were close to Mian Nawaz Sharif informed that it was the immense pressure from party members on the central leadership to show door to PPP in Punjab as they argued that it was the only way to recoup with the fast deteriorating public image of the party. The sources in the party further informed that now PML-N would do real opposition, though it was decided that they would not go for any move aimed at destabilising the incumbent political dispensation at federal level and would do issues-based politics. But now as the hawks on both sides are in complete command of the things who would define the parameters of opposition for PML-N and who would hold the reins of firebrand leaders and activists in PPP from trespassing the limits to avoid rolling both sides into the politics of victimisation, mudslinging and leg-pulling.