LAHORE - Coach Akmal Shah put Govt Shalimar College on right track as the college is earning good name in the field of cricket. Before joining as a coach in the Govt Shalimar College, the cricket was facing decline but after he assumed the coaching job, he put the team on right track and the college started winning the matches against best teams and also qualified for the second round of the prestigious cricket tournaments which the college did not qualify since long. During his era, five of college students selected for under-19 teams. He started regular practice sessions in college and made it possible for the team to play friendly matches with other colleges that boosted players' morale and polished their talent. Coach Akmal Shah also emphasised the physical exercises to enhance players physical fitness that enabled them to play long version of cricket. Now the college cricket is in full swing and players of the team are very happy with regular practice sessions that provides them opportunities to groom them as talented cricketers. Coach Akmal Shah appreciated the all-out efforts of the Principal of College Prof Dr Shahid Mehmood and Sports Chairman Mr Tariq those are very keen to promote sports and other co-curricular activities in the college to keep students healthy, wealthy and wise. "The principal provided all the facilities to young cricketers and provided them whatever they needed. He hoped that the college will achieve a big title soon," the coach concluded.