LAHORE The elections of the Lahore High Court Bar Association will be held today (Saturday) wherein the bar will elect its four-member cabinet for the year 2011-12. For the slot of president, a straight and tough fight is expected between Ashgar Ali Gill and Rai Bashir Ahmad, candidates of the Professional Group led by Hamid Khan and the Friends Alliance, supported by SCBA President Asma Jahangir, PLF and others respectively. As many as 13,508 eligible voters of the total 19,016 members of the bar will exercise their right to vote for electing the representatives of the largest bar in the Asia. The polling will be held on the Lahore High Court Bar premises from 9am to 5pm with one-hour lunch break from 1pm and 2pm. For the vice president seat, the contest will be held among three candidates Malik Ijaz Ahmad Gorcha supported by the Professional Group, Mian Jahangir enjoying large support of Arian bradery, and Ria Tufail Ahmad Kharl who is an independent candidate. For the position of secretary, Akbar Ali Dogar, Malik Arshad Awan, Aneela Cheema, and Ch Shafqat Qadeer are in the run. Dogar belongs to the Professional Group while Arshad Awan is the son of eminent Noor Muhammad Awan advocate and is being supported by Arian Bradery. Aneela had previously lost election for the slot of finance secretary. Mian Azam and Munawar Gondal are contending for the seat of finance secretary of the bar. Azam had previously lost election for the same seat but this time his position is different as many leading groups are backing him. Ashgar Ali Gill is former vice chairman of the Punjab Bar Council and president of the Lahore Bar Association. His rival Rai Bashir Ahmad is member of the Punjab Bar Council and PbBC member in the Judicial Commission. Unlike past trend, main braderies of the lawyers are divided in the polls. This time the candidates for the presidential slot are giving recognition to the voters more as persons and are highlighting the issues relating to the lawyers instead of political, judicial, and social issues. Both the candidates believe in independence of judiciary and seem ready to guard it jealously but the main thrust of their campaign has been welfare of the community. They both have a deep friendship in the community and are respected by the members for their upright and honest stand.