LAHORE – Gas supply to the industrial, domestic sectors and CNG stations of more than half of the Lahore and Kasur regions was suspended on Saturday due to the technical problems in the SMS-2 (Multan Road) region.

“Gas supply to the region falling in the areas of SMS-2 is expected to remain suspended for more than 24 hours,” said an SNGPL official. The Company management hoped that gas would be restored to the areas on Monday.

The gas, being supplied to Lahore from Shahadra, is called SMS-1 and SMS-2. The SNGPL’s City office at 4 pm on Saturday shut down the SMS-2 due to technical problems. That resulted in the total suspension of the gas supply to the industrial areas of Raiwind and Gulberg.

However, industry located in Sundar was getting gas as usual, said the official.

The areas which were affected by the shut down include Cantt, Defence, Model Town and Gulberg. Sources said that gas has now been supplied from Shahdra and Sundar to meet the gas shortages in Lahore. SNGPL official appealed to the people they should not use gas heaters and gas cylinders to avoid any untoward situation.