RAWALPINDI – People from all segments of society have expressed their dismay over non-banning outmoded and noise emitting rickshaws.

The ageing and bad conditioned rickshaws continue to ply on all the roads and streets with impunity and no one checks that how much pollution they are adding into the environment and depriving the masses of their peace of mind with the full throated noise they blow wherever they run.

“This is hospital and the citizens often come here on rickshaws. They emit so deafening voice that the patients lying on their beds rise up from their slumber all of a sudden. We fear they may not fall victim to noise phobia”, said Doctor Amjid of a private hospital.“Parents of children have hired rickshaws and these rickshaws have outlived their age. When they reach the gate of the school, silencers start emitting noise. Puffs upon puffs smoke also enter into all the classrooms and several students are suffering from eye diseases due to these smoke emitting old rickshaws, said Ms Batool, a teacher from a Girls School.

The use of these rickshaws be immediately banned as any leniency if shown will be tantamount to invite more pollution and diseases, said representatives of civil society. These rickshaws be immediately banned and permission be accorded to ply new and modern rickshaws, demanded citizens.