ISLABABAD  - Federal Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan on Saturday said that the government had no intentions of curbing the media.

In a statement, she said that the government wanted to empower media to strengthen democracy, adding that media could not flourish without law and democracy. “The PPP-led government strongly believes in freedom of expression but the freedom must be coupled with responsibility and in conformity to societal norms,” she said.

She observed that the credit of lifting curbs on the media imposed by previous dictatorial regime goes to the incumbent government. Brushing aside the impression created by a report of the imposition of sanctions on the media, she said the Pemra has always framed laws to facilitate media.

“There is not a single clause in proposed content regulations that may be presumed anti-media. All the media rules and regulations, either framed or amended, have been in consultation with the stakeholders, so how can the government contemplate to curb or muzzle the media which is its own creation and for which the Pemra has been given the mandate to flourish,” the minister added.

On the contrary, whenever it takes initiative in interest of public, country or media itself, there starts accusations against government and Pemra of “media curbs”.