MALAKAND – The residents of dozens of villages, located at the main Dargai Harichand road, have urged the provincial government to start the development and construction work on the already approved scheme to blacktop the said road.

Talking to TheNation, the political and social figures belonging to villages Wazir Abad, Musa Minia, Hejab Kalay, Gahri Usmani Khel, Kot, Haryan Kot, Totai, Selay Patay, Shareef Abad, Saidrajure, Nashono Kandaw, Mir Akbar Shah Kalay, Hero Shah, Palonaw, Muslim Abad, Zawar Mandai and Hari Chand urged the Chief Minister Amir Haidar Khan Hoti, Finance Minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Muhammad Humayoon Khan and MPA Syed Muhammad Ali Shah Bacha to immediately start work on the said road making it able for transportation.

They said they should otherwise cancel the already approved tender of the said contractor.  “We need special attention of the government to construct and repaire the 14-kilometer long road, as single transportation source of more than 20,000 population of about 28 villages.”  Muhammad Akbar, resident of Sharif Abad Area said.

Expressing his deep concern over neglecting of the transportation and means of communication of the dwellers of the area, a renowned political figure Muhammad Raziq Jan of Jamaat-e-Islami seriously criticised the elected MPA and MNA and said that both the elected MNA and MPA along with the Finance Minister, elected from Malakand, ignored the locality in the uplift work.

On the demand of the 20,000 voters of Union Councils Gahri Usmani Khel, Meherdi, Heroshah, Kot, Koper and Selai Pati, the elected members tendered the project, but for the last six months, nothing has done to start the construction work on the road.

He added. Replying to a question from this scribe, PPP’s former nazim Hero Shah Haji Sabar Sadiq said that PPP members of parliament has approved the construction work on the said road casting 140 million PKRs, however he stressed on the start of construction work immediately too.  The social and political workers of the area informed that the further delay in the construction of the already approved project of road construction is seriously affecting the political fame of PPPP in the area.