LAHORE – The Fehm-e-Seerat exhibition, having models of holy places of Madina Munawara, organised by Darussalam, concluded on Saturday.

On the last day, people from various walks life and professions took extra ordinary interest. Every group of age was seen observing the event. The event features different models of Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) city, Madina. A briefing team was also available there to offer description regarding the models. While talking to media men by video link, Abdul Malik Mujahid, General Manager of Darussalam said that the of the exhibition was aimed at to inform the Muslim about the holy places. He said they had plan to exhibit the models next years with more vibrant way in the light of the suggestions of the visitors. He said the institute, Darussalam, had published the Holy Quran in 23 languages and they were going to publish the holy book in more 4 languages this year. He said the institution did not belong to any sect and also did not have any contact to any extremist group. He also thanked media for highlighting the exhibition.