RAWALPINDI - Illegal constructions on state land at Airport Road has posed security risk, residents say.

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) had purchased land by paying heavy compensation to the owners of shops and houses some time back for expansion of airport road and road was extended. But a piece of land could not be used in this project despite the fact that its cost was paid to its owners.

This tract of land was lying vacant along side the road and the influential persons have restarted construction thereon.

The illegal construction is highly alarming due to security concerns as this land is located in front of airport flying club.

Residents of the area demanded demolition of the illegal construction and stern action against those found involved in the illegal occupation of state land.

Meanwhile, large puddles on IJ Principal Road have become source of perpetual traffic jams at Pir Wadhai Chowk.

The puddles have grown so larger that the vehicles cannot cross them easily and they have to move across this spot very carefully otherwise they have to suffer loss in terms of severe damage to their parts.

This is the most busiest traffic spot and heavy and light traffic continues to ply on this road day in day out on inter-provincial and inter-district routes. Due to these puddles, large queues of vehicles can be seen waiting to cross these puddles.

Traffic flow remains suspended for hours this way.

“We have to suffer the agony of hours long wait on this chowk due to blockage in traffic flow which is caused by the mammoth puddles on this road but no one is there in the administration to address this problem, said a group of commuters.

These puddles have grown deeper and may cause some bloody incident, therefore, the government should pay immediate focus to remove these puddles, demanded the citizens.