ISLAMABAD - Pakistan No 2 tennis player Jalil Khan has urged Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) president Syed Kaleem Imam to immediately start work on war footings to find new talent at grassroots level.

Jalil, who recently gave coaching in Bangkok, Thailand for four months, while talking to The Nation on Saturday said the future of tennis in Pakistan looks bright but to achieve good results the federation must have to chalk out a comprehensive plan to overcome shortage of players.

Jalil who is the younger brother of Pakistan No 1 tennis player Aqeel Khan said: “Although it is very encouraging that my brother Aqeel is national No 1 from the last 12 years, but on the other hand it is very disappointing that there is no replacement of Aqeel and Aisam. None of the previous bosses of the federation had done anything to find their replacement.”

There is no dearth of talent in the country but the only thing which we lack is the proper training and grooming of the youngsters, he pointed out.

About adopting the coaching career, he said that after playing tennis for the country and representing it in Davis Cup and many other tournaments, now it was the right time to move on with my professional carrier.

“I went to Advantage Tennis Academy, Bangkok, which is one of the well reputed Thai tennis academies and I consider myself very lucky to get a chance to work for them and I was told different methods how to train players learned a lot from the vast experience of various coaches who were gathered there from across the world,” Jalil said.

He said they had a good infrastructure and top players in all categories got free training and holding of many international and national tournaments provided Thai players opportunity to get experience. “It was truly a great experience as they organise many coaching courses for their coaches so that they may get awareness of new techniques and training method,” Jalil added.

“Me and my brothers, Aqeel and Yasir have a dream to serve the country, after Aqeel and mine playing career comes to an end we want to train to youngsters to help them what we have learnt from our professional carrier and what we learnt from our national and international coaches and we want to pass on all we got,” Jalil concluded.