ISLAMABAD - The Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP) recommended two names for the appointment as additional judges at the Sindh High Court during its meeting chaired by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry in the Supreme Court building here on Saturday.

The Chief Justice Sindh High Court had proposed eight names for the judges’ appointment but the Commission recommended only two names to the Parliamentary Committee for the appointment as additional judges including Shafi Muhammad Sadiqui and Nadeem Akhtar. However six names were returned to the Chief Justice of SHC for further consideration.

The Commission also gave approval of one additional judge of Peshawar High Court Yahya Afridi. Likewise, it also gave the extension to another PHC Additional Judge Sajjad Shah till August 2012.

The Commission sent its recommended names to the Parliamentary Committee for consideration, which will forward its recommendations to President Asif Ali Zardari for appointment.

The meeting was attended by four senior most judges of the Supreme Court and Chief Justice of Sindh High Court Mushir Alam. It is worth mentioning that Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) has conveyed its concern to the JCP regarding appointment of superior courts judges. The PBC’s recently elected Vice Chairman Akhtar Hussain had expressed dissatisfaction over the appointment process in a unanimous resolution of the Council’s executive body.

The vice chairman had said that PBC would monitor JCP’s in-camera proceedings to ensure transparency during the appointment of judges. Hussain added that before initiating the names of lawyers, Chief Justices of concerned high courts should consult the representative of Bar Council so that their names could be sent to the JCP for approval.