ISLAMABAD  - The electricity consumers have expressed concern over the installation of new electricity meters, saying that the new meters are meant to rob poor masses in the form of high bills.

According to details, the new meters’ consumers will have to pay Rs12 per unit in peak hours and Rs6 per unit in off peak hours, officials said.

The consumers said that they are low paid employees and already victims of price hike, adding that it was not possible for them to pay hefty bills due to peak hours and off peak hours of new electricity meters.

A Nepra official when contacted said that power generating companies have the right to provide electricity on different charges in peak hours and off peak hours. Moreover, he said, Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESCO) has taken all the decisions in accordance with law.

The citizens demanded Minister of Water and Power to withdraw these new meters which are meant to loot masses on the pretext of peak hour and off peak hour meters.