PESHAWAR – Pasban activists held a protest demonstration to condemn the sacrilege of holy Quran by US-led Nato forces personnel, stationed in Afghanistan.

Speakers at the occasion said that such inhuman acts exposed the real face of the United States towards Islam. “The US Congress resolution on Balochistan and sacrilegious acts and other anti-Islam activities are a chain of well-hatched conspiracies against Pakistan and Islam,” the Pasban, KP chapter, Organiser Ilyas Quresy said while addressing the protestors. He said that it was not the first incident of desecration the Holy Quran by the US forces and blamed that these criminals knowingly doing this to heart the feelings and sentiments of millions of Muslims across the world. 

The protestors led by Pasbaan Khyber Pukhtunkhwa chapter Organiser Ilyas, and district leaders including Waqar Ahmad, Ibrahim Qureshi, Muhammad Khan and Jamrooz Khan were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans against the US and Nato forces. The protesters gathered here outside press club in front of Cantonment Railway Station.

They demanded of the government to sever diplomatic ties with the US and other countries whose soldiers were involved in the inhuman and unethical act. Criticising the rulers of Muslim world for adopting a criminal silence over the repeated blasphemous acts at the hands of Americans and other anti-Islam people. They urged the Muslim Ummah to forge unity and foil the ‘conspiracies’ of the Jews and other un-Islamic forces.

“The US is the worst enemy of Islam and Pakistan,” they said. The recent resolution presented in the US Congress regarding Balochistan was meant to disintegrate Pakistan, Ilyas maintained and added that it was open violation of the integrity and sovereignty of the country.

“Apology is not enough in this case rather all the responsible soldiers should award death sentence for this criminal offence, the protestors demanded and asked the government to detach the US so-called war on terror. 

Waving party flags the demonstrators were also sloganeering in favour of Jehad, and against the criminals desecrating religions and the Holy Quran.