LAHORE – The luncheon hosted by  Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in honour of Indian Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar was turned into a poetic contest when both leaders started to correspond in poetic versus.

The occasion provided many artistically tasteful moments to the Indian parliamentary delegation and other participants.

The lyrical session was initiated when Meira Kumar recited a couplet by Ada Jafferi.

The chief minister  rose up to the challenge and recited a couplet of Ibn-e-Insha to lend force to his point that poverty and ignorance are common enemies of Pakistan and India:

Aman Milay Teray Bachon Ko Aur Insaaf Milay

Chandi Jaisa Doodh Milay Aur Pani Saaf Milay

When Meira Kumar read the poem of an Indian poet which related to peace, the Chief Minister recited the following couplet in response:

Mo’jaza koi to ab sho’ala guftar karay

Kia zaroori hay har ik faisala talwar karay

In response to some verses read by the Indian guest, the CM won applause for saying.

ik Shajar Payar Ka Aisa Bhi Lagaya Jaay

Jis Ka Hamsaaey  Kay Aangan Mein Bhi Saya Jaay

He also recited the famous verses of Hafeez Hushyarpuri in context of the Indo-Pak relations.

Dilon Ki Uljhanain Barhti Rahain Gi

Agar Kuch Mashwarey Bahum Na Hon Gay

At the end, Shahbaz Sharif recited the following beautiful couplet of Atta-ul-Haq Qasmi.

Khushbowon Ka ik Nagar Abad Hona Chahiay

Is Nizam-e-Zar Ko Ab Barbad Hona Chahiay

Khuwaishon Ko Khubsoorat Shakal Denay Kay Liyay

Khuwaishon ki Qaid Say Azad Hona Chahiay

Zulm Bachey Jan Raha Hai Kocha-o-Bazaar Main

Adal Ko Bhi Ab Sahib-e-Aulad Hona Chahiay

Speaking at the occasion, speaker Indian Lok Sabha Meira Kumar said that she was greatly impressed with the revolutionary thoughts and poetic taste of the CM Shahbaz Sharif and hoped that the dialogue process will continue in the future. She appreciated Daanish School system terming it a great service for the poor.  The Indian legislators particularly appreciated the role of Sharif family for the promotion of democracy in Pakistan and said that Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif have rendered commendable services for strengthening the system.