HAVELI LAKHA - PTI leader Malik Waqar Ahmad said here on Saturday that if his party was elected it would never compromise on the national sovereignty unlike the incumbent PPP government which had dented it badly.

While talking to the media men at his residence, the PTI leader blamed the PPP government for allowing US intervention in the internal affairs of Pakistan. He said that Congress bill to grant the right to self-determination to the people of Balochistan was a direct hit on the sovereignty of the country on which the PPP government remained silent. He also criticised both the PML-N and PPP for not delivering to the people over the past four years in the rule.

Claiming PTI success in the next general elections, Malik Waqar said that the youth strongly believed in the leadership of Party Chief Imran Khan, adding that ‘Parties have started lobbying against the PTI and are propagating against Imran Khan as well, but now people could no more be hoodwinked and they know whom to support and whom to reject.’ He urged the opponent parties to practice fair politics and let the party with the strongest manifesto win.