ISLAMABAD - Unilateral decision of PML-Q’s 47-member Unification Bloc (UB) supporting PML-N Punjab government to pitch Mohsin Leghari as consensus candidate for one of the Senate berths from the province has put Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and PML-N leadership in quandary, sources said on Saturday.

According to the sources, Mohsin Legahri and his group neither took the Chief Minister nor his party leadership on board regarding the decision, thus giving a serious blow to PML-N’s strategy to award them party tickets in the general elections.

“This would have serious political implications for the party, considering the fact that majority of the group members belongs to southern districts of the province,” the sources said, adding this would give them advantage to strike a better deal either with the mother PML-Q or PPP and PTI.

They were of the view that PML-N would be in very difficult situation in case the Unification Bloc also takes an independent decision regarding its future political strategy.

The sources further said that there was greater likelihood that the UB members return to mother PML-Q as they have been elected on its ticket but because of political differences they parted ways with it and decided to back the PML-N provincial government.

“Since none of them had opted for cabinet slot in the provincial government therefore they enjoy the leverage,” the sources said, adding that they all have been enjoying special treatment in securing development funds and other privileges from the Chief Minister.

Interestingly, the top PML-leaders including President Chuahdry Shujjat Hussain and Senior Federal Minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi are still in close contacts with UB members. “These developments have seriously upset the Punjab Chief Minister party leadership,” insiders said.

Meanwhile, talks between the PML-N and PML (Likeminded Group) to enter into a election alliance ahead of the general elections have hit snags as leaders of the LMG are demanding 11 per cent seats in the National Assembly as well as the provincial assemblies in return for support to the PML-N backed candidates in the general elections.

According to the sources, this means more that 34 seats in the National Assembly, thus making almost impossible for the PML-N to accept the demand. “The PML-N has accommodated only Khan brothers including Humayun Akhtar Khan and Haroon Akhtar Khan,” sources said.

The sources said that PML-N has decided to field Humayun Akhtar Khan against PTI Chief Imran Khan from Lahore, while Haroon Akhtar Khan would contest NA seat election from Sumundri.