SOHDRA – Waqar Khalid, Chairman, SCREAM - a non-government organisation, has said that those using Islam to promote terrorism don’t deserve any mercy and that we must unite to overcome them.

He said that university and college students and teachers could play important role against terrorism and it is the reason that they had arranged seminars in educational institutions to educate people about terrorism.

He said that SCREAM was set up to take care of the victims of terrorism who had suffered losses and to provide a platform to speak out against terrorism victims.

Waqar, who had survived a bomb blast said, “Our purpose is to spread awareness about the ramifications of terrorism and stimulate a change in the minds of the individuals to stand against all sorts of extremism.”

SCREAM arranged seminars in Islamabad, Vehari, Bahawalnagr, Burewala, Wazirabad, Faisalabad, Haripur Hazara and Muzaffarabad, Garhidupata, Hattian, Dudyal, Kotli, Khoiratta in Azad Jamu Kashmir.

He said that only education and awareness could bring about changes in the society and only people’s power could stop the terrorists. He said that we all have to come forward to fight with the menace of terrorism.

“The victims don’t know about their sin and reason of being killed,” he said, “adding that Islam is religion of peace and those who were using it to achieve their malicious goals would never succeed. Only way of fighting the terrorism is awareness and education and it is the reason SCREAM is educating people about,” he concluded.