LAHORE – A young man killed his father in cold blood to gain possession of his assets and blamed it as an incident of robbery in Ghaziabad Police Precincts on Saturday. The culprit has confessed to killing his father for the sake of property and wealth, which his father earned during his stay in couple of foreign countries.

Police investigators said that Munir Butt of Madina Town went abroad to earn livelihood some years back. “During his stay, he sent money to his son Babar Butt, who kept wasting it on illegal activities and also sold a big share of his property,” they added that when Munir came to know about his son’s activities on his return to the motherland.  “Late on Saturday, the son quarrelled with his father over the same dispute and the later kept on snubbing his son to avoid selling more property,” they stated.

However, they say, the son brutally thrashed his father and when he fell unconscious the youth called police and informed them of a robbery bid at his home. According to the police, the culprit misled them by saying robbers broke into his home and tortured his father under unexplained reasons.

 The old man was taken to a nearby hospital where he breathed his last without giving a statement to the police.

“Babar’s statements varied on different occasions, on which we took him in custody for interrogation,” a senior officer said, adding during preliminary investigation the youth confessed to killing his father.

Police have lodged an FIR against Babar on the complaint of Shahid, son-in-law of the deceased Munir. Further investigations are underway.