ISLAMABAD - If the government does not render support for elimination of terrorism, the armed forces should take over the power to deal with this menace on their own, said MQM chief Altaf Hussain.
In an interview with a private TV channel on Tuesday, Altaf Hussain said, “Pakistan is more important for us than democracy and we cannot imperil our country for the sake of democracy. If the country prevails, democracy will also flourish.”
“I will request the army chief and the prime minister of the country to be on the same page for tackling terrorists. If the elected regime does not join hands with the army for getting rid of terrorists, I will advise the military to step forward on its own.”
“Dialogues can be held with only those who are ready to surrender and accept the state and its constitution. If Taliban are not ready for all these things, a war should be launched against them, instead of resuming talks,”” opined the MQM chief.
“Quid-e-Azam founded Pakistan and announced that now everyone is free to worship according to his faith and belief; there is no compulsion in the religion and none can impose his ideology by force or power of bullet on others,” he added.
While commenting on the war on terror, Altaf said: “I do not agree with those who say it has been imposed by the US on us. We adopted this war with our free will for personal gains and our rulers demanded dollars from the US for joining this battle.
 “We will have to decide whether we want to save Pakistan or democracy. There will be democracy, if there is Pakistan. I do not care if anyone says I am inviting dictatorship in the country,” the MQM chief observed.
He made it clear that he would rather support the idea of resolution of issues through dialogue, but first the writ of the state would have to be established.
Altaf exhorted the government to raise fund for the families of the martyrs of law enforcers. MQM, he added, would also contribute its share to this fund.
The statement from the MQM chief has come at a time when the country is being run under a democratic setup following a smooth transfer of power from a similar dispensation in the wake of the May 2013 elections.
NNI adds: MQM leaders met with PPP leaders in Karachi in which both parties agreed to resolve public issues together, a private TV channel reported.
According to the reports, MQM discussed about the recovery of missing party workers, whereas Sindh Government agreed to reveal the information about 45 missing workers of MQM.
According to the sources, the persons who are involved in sensitive cases will be resolved in the court on a daily or weekly basis hearing, whereas the minor issues will be resolved after a detailed investigation.