The sale of adulterated milk and yoghurt continued with impunity in the city and its suburbs and the TMA and Health Department have turned a blind eye to this important issue which pose a great ricking to public health.

According to a survey conducted by this scribe, not only water is being mixed but also the cream-extracted milk is being adulterated with different types of substances, such as Urea sucrose, hydrogen per oxide, boric acid and other chemicals, which, according to medical experts cause different kinds of dangerous diseases.

Despite impure supply, milk and yoghurt are being sold at most of the shops at exorbitant rates of Rs65 to 80 per kilo in the suburban area like Hafizabad where there is no dearth of milch animals.

Local citizens including housewives association have called upon the DCO, EDO Health and TMA Administrator to launch crackdown on the milkmen and milk sellers who are playing with the lives of hapless citizens.

SCHOOL MADE FUNCTIONAL: Eight boys and girls primary schools which were lying closed for the past five years due to apathetic attitude of the authorities, have been made functional by taking keen interest by Deputy District Officer (Women) Pindi Bhattian Sofia Jabeen.

The schools which have been made functional are located in Meerakh Kalan, Nissowal, Thatha Gajju, Khidday, Bhoon Fazil, Puraneke, Khanna Bhattian and Narowal.

The inhabitants of these villages have thanked the Deputy DO and the DCO for making these schools functional after the lapse of five years.