NORTH WAZIRISTAN/PESHAWAR - Ameer banned TTP Mullah Fazlullah has said that defunct outfit is ready for serious dialogue but the government will have to take the first step.
According to a report on a Website on Tuesday, Fazlullah said if the government took one step, the TTP would take two steps to start dialogue . He said the TTP knew who were killing their comrades but was silent in the interest of the country.
He alleged that first of their colleagues was killed in Islamabad and later it spread to other parts of the country so that mujahideen would fighting each other. He said despite these provocations, Taliban were ready for dialogue
Fazlullah said the western powers were afraid of jehad and wanted to pit the jehadi forces in the Islamic world against each other.
Fazlullah was of the opinion that Ummah was passing through a difficult time and non Islamic powers were trying to create divisions among mujahideen through their agents.
WAR BEGINS FROM BOTH SIDES: Member of the Taliban mediating committee, Professor Ibrahim Khan, said on Tuesday that talks were still favourable despite the war that had erupted from the government and Taliban's side. The Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) leader said attempts were underway to resume the dialogue process which had entered a deadlock and informal talks were being held with the members of the government committee in this regard.
He further said that there was a possibility of a meeting between the two negotiating teams in the next few days.
Professor Khan also said that no stance of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) had come forward as yet regarding launch of an operation.
Earlier, Professor Ibrahim had said: "I don't rule out the possibility of resumption of talks at any stage."
"We will keep appealing to both the government and the Taliban to stop following the path of violence and resume the stalled dialogue ."
Moreover, Rahimullah Yousufzai, a member of the government mediating team, said the process could resume if the Taliban agreed to a ceasefire without preconditions and explain the deaths of the abducted soldiers.