Usman Mobeen is the new and young Chairman of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). He has many plans to make positive changes and to improve the efficiency and credibility of NADRA. In present security environments, NADRA can positively contribute towards strengthening the systems. No doubt Usman Mobeen has been selected on merit. He has in depth technical knowledge and management as he has been serving in NADRA since 2005.

He wants to make NADRA a world leading dynamic organization. He is committed to take harsh action against corruption and gives priority to customers care and he has set aside all protocols for himself.

He has also developed the CNIC software, which is now very secure and has worked on developing the new Pakistani passport software which is considered a valuable addition. He has done excellent work for computerization of Arms License and land computerization record projects. Usman Mobeen qualified from MIT, USA and has done Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He was awarded Tamgh-e-Imtiaz in 2008 for his outstanding services rendered in the technological software field in NADRA.


Lahore, February 21.