Dr Shahid Nawaz’s death is a tragedy and his murder is a clear case of target killing but who would want him dead is a mystery. Many doctors have left this country for good but he didn’t, that was his only mistake. He has left us forever but some questions remain unanswered such as how was it possible for two armed motorcyclists to enter the hospital and shoot him and then leave the premises unhindered? Despite the fact that some similar cases have occurred in PIMS, in past few weeks. CC TV camera installed in PIMS was out of order on that fateful day. Both the X-ray machine and CT scanner were out of order. These are some facts reported in media.

Should we as a nation be ashamed of it or not? Should our interior minister be ashamed of it or not ? This is the state of affairs in our prestigious hospital in federal capital , what about far off, less developed areas of the country. Our PM announced ten million rupees to treat the injured surgeon abroad. Alas! what an innocent man is our PM. I would request him to come down from his pedestal (self claimed) and face reality and perform his duty. Instead of promises of taking care of the doctor he should hold accountable why CT Scan and ECCG machines were not working? Which made it difficult to save his life.


Islamabad, February 22.