Sweets are an important part of our traditional ceremony as it enhances joy and happiness on special occasions. Among other economical crises we are also dealing with the sugar industry crises which has also hit us badly. Sugar industry is basically an agriculture industry, it provides employment to the farming community and has a great impact on our economy. Our sugar industry is the second largest agro based industry after textiles.

Our total consumption has increased during the last few years because of growing demand by processed food sector, such as bakeries, ice cream, candy and soft drink manufactures. Sugar prices fluctuate due to various factors including sugar cane supply, government policies, possibility of import, to meet demand and supply gaps caused by disasters. This industry is mostly owned by politicians, which adds to the problems in the industry.

Growers are focused on earning more money by ignoring quality of sugarcane and are not encouraged to adopt latest technologies to increase production which increases the overall cost. On other hand, due to quality based payment procedures, the growers of good or bad quality cane are benefited on the same level, discouraging the producers of good quality cane. The energy crises is causing the industry to collapse and during the last three years the industry has faced massive losses. Many sugar mills are shutting down. It is a time to take immediate actions to save the sugar industry.



Lahore, February 23.