“Metal music has never shied away from

controversy. It has always rebelled

against authority and stood up against mainstream religion.”

–Sam Dunn – 2008

Metal music, over past decades, has been criticised for its explicit content it depicts. Parents and authorities have always advocated against such music but is music something this harmful for society, or has it just been a scapegoat for the authorities? ‘Metalheads’ have always been outcasts for society but the nature of the music not only unites them but unifies them as one, just like any other ideology. To these metalheads, metal has always provided them the freedom they needed to break through their chains and express freedom, be it in the form of dark music or live stage acts. Ozzy Osbourne in the 80s said, “Metal music is not meant to be perfect.”

Metal music unlike any other, creates such a connection that even today in the modern world, a thousand musicians gathered to pay tribute to Kurt Cobain on his birthday by jamming his song together.