KARACHI -  Degree of Doctor of Medical Science was conferred on renowned Kidney Specialist and President, Transplantation Society of Pakistan by Hamdard University, in its 22nd Convocation held at Al Moid Hall, Madinat al Hikmah.

In all 1,447 degree were awarded to the graduates while 25 Hamdard University  gold medals,  7 Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said and 13 Institution of Engineering gold medals were also given to graduates, who have secured First Positions during their course of studies, being best students and to promote academic and professional interest in engineering community respectively.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest and founder-Chairman, Akhuwat, Dr Amjad Saqib said that life was meant for dreams and those who dreamt would succeed in doing something extraordinary. Everyone tried to realise his/ her dreams but the commendable thing was that one should try to materialize not only  one’s own dreams, but also other’s,  he added.

Congratulating the passing graduates he said that they were lucky that they have  been able to take education from a great educational institution – Hamdard University.

‘Now you are entering into practical field, you will have to try to become leader in any filed you choose. But remember that leadership would demand passion and sacrifice Hakim Said was an unusal man, who peep into the future and said when he was starting to build a city of education, science and culture in the desert that: “he imagines hundreds of children are being studied here”. So it has happened now and it was the result of a great man’s dream.

Commenting on the success of his organization, Akhuwat, he said that on an organization, started from helping to a family has now reached to 250,000 families and to 1,000,000 peoples.

“Poor is who has no friend, be friend to the poor, give them support be their helpers”, he asserted.

Sadia Rashid, Chancellor, Hamdard University said: “Today is special day – specially for the new graduates and postgraduates – but also for their parents and guardians, their teachers, and  – all of us in Hamdard. Now for you come the real tests, devised by life for making a living as well a full life.

But, while making your life better, you should make the lives of others a little better too, she advised the new graduates.

Dr Azhar Hussain, Member, Board of Governors, Hamdard University offered vote of thanks.