Dasht is one of the biggest towns of kech district where majority of the men are the victim of drugs addiction which made them careless in each regard because neither they are themselves nor their family members. But the shocking is that drugs are not being sold in the shops of Dasht rather they are being sold in the houses and above all. Women are the sellers of those drugs. A number of children became orphans and women became widow in the small ages due to those women who are selling drugs in Dasht. So now the lives of men are in the hand of women who are destroying the lives of their men and the amount of drugs addicted are increasing day by day in Dasht. 

Women proved that they are as powerful as men are not and this is the reason that nobody can stop them from doing such a illegal works like selling drugs. Now government needs to take some steps for stopping them in order to save the lives of Dasht people already they lost a lot of thing. 


Turbat, February 10.