The obscenity on social media and their vicious comments about Asma Jahangir, sends tremors up your spine. Some of them base justification of their arguments on her criticism of Imran Khan, as if he were a cult, not a political public figure who can be criticized. The contradiction is that these same individuals sing praises of Ayub Khan, who had no hesitation in calling Madar-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah a US and Indian agent.

Although it was the General who chose to get this country involved in SEATO and CENTO defense pacts, scuttling perhaps the last chance to free Kashmir from Indian occupation in 1962. These individuals forget that almost every close associate of Quaid-e-Azam, be it his personal physician Dr Elahi or Maulvi Tamizuddin etc, were harassed by his junta.

We can differ with her political opinions but nobody can deny her determination and efforts to support democracy, rights of oppressed women and minorities and her commitment to Jinnah’s vision of a modern democratic welfare state where every individual could practice his faith without any fear but were united under one identity ie being citizens of Pakistan, enjoying equal rights. Like her father Malik Ghulam Jillani, she opposed extremism and fundamentalism of Zia and his junta and their hypocrisy, which have engulfed this country to terrorrism.

Tolerance for dissent is vital in a democracy and accepted in Medina Welfare Concept that Mohd Ali Jinnah wanted to duplicate. She opposed military dictators and conflicts of interest of every paid or elected public office holder, be they civil or uniformed, which is what Quaid e Azam had publicly elaborated. Of course like all those who work on a wide horizon, she committed numerous mistakes which we can differ with. She may not be an angel but was far better than many who criticize her.


Sukkur, February 12.