Every day occurring human brutalities of Indian forces in Kashmir have become question mark to UN Human Rights Commission. In this scenario Pakistan has made numerous attempts to curb out violence on international level but in vain. Now an autonomous Human Rights Commission should be formed through out our different political parties and government. The aims and objectives of this commission should be to report UN Human Rights Committee for urgent action against atrocities of Indian forces in Kashmir because Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan. It is not the time to fight and leg pulling for each other but to fight for the unity and strength of Muslim Cause.

Here are some suggestions to empower ‘’Kashmir Cause’’

(1). All Muslim Countries should join the same page as like issue of Kashmir and many other innocent killings in other Muslim Countries.

(2).UN Human Rights Commission will hold a session of negotiations every year at different Muslim countries of the world to solve the Kashmir Issue.

(3). If India can not compromise with the UN Commission then in such behavior of misconduct economic corridor of some Muslim countries with India must be blocked as an initial warning.

(4). In case of totally disobedience and violation of Human Rights Rules, the UN should send their troops with Muslim Countries because from 1947 till now .nothing has done in favor of Kashmir except negotiations and negligence of the UN.

(5). If UN denies and acts, topsy-turvy any fruitful result then Muslim Countries must be separate from UN and have to make their own Muslim Countries United Nations by following the golden words of Quaid e Azam ‘’Unity, Faith and Discipline.


Khushab, February 3.