One wonders at the royal treatment being meted out to a convict Nawaz Sharif. When interned in Adiala Jail, Rawalpindi, he asked to be transferred to Kot Lakhpat Jail, Lahore and pronto he was flown to Lahore the next day. Being an epicurean he wanted food that satiates his culinary tastes and it was arranged from his Jati Umera kitchen. On the day of the meeting, the number of his visitors was so great that the police had to resort to special traffic control. And, when he complained of some illness, one after the other three medical boards were set up two declaring him not serious but the last one recommending his hospitalization, which again was done the next day. It is rumored that soon he may be allowed to go to London to be treated by his personal physician there.

What’s this going on? Is such treatment also available to other Umpteen thousand, Umpteen hundred and umpteen convicts in umpteen jails of Pakistan?!

Hope we remember the saying of the Holy Prophet (SAW). The nations who had one set of law for the poor and common man and another set of law for the elite were condemned by Allah (SWT) -- words to that effect.


Rawalpindi, February 3.