ISLAMABAD - PPP senior leader and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A Rehman Malik has expressed his resentment on the arrest of Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani. He, in his speech on the floor of the house on Monday, said that National Accountability Bureau (NAB) should have followed the rules, law and procedure.

He said that he was agreed with his fellow Senators that such acts are attack on the system, posing a question who have to ensure the rule of law, who have made NAB’s laws, who have to improve the law and who have to ensure enactment of the law. “Indeed we the parliamentarians,” replied the Senator. He said “people are losing their confidence in parliament and we have to restore their trust in Parliament by ensuring the implementation of laws”.

He said “if a case is registered against one in Sindh and inquiry is underway in a province, how can he be arrested from Islamabad”. He questioned that how and why was Agha Siraj Durrani arrested from Islamabad? He said that all the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) must follow the law, system and procedure.

He said there is a thin line between accountability and victimization, adding victimisation brings hate and division among people, stressing that there should be an end to victimisation.

The ex-interior minister said that it is time for all to shun difference and uniteas a nation as India is blaming Pakistan for its own launched terrorist activities particularly the Pulwama incident. “We all as nation should condemn Indian threatening statements against Pakistan and give a strong message to India from this house”. He said Pulwama Incident has been attributed to Pakistan without any proof like in the past similar fakes charges were levelled against Pakistan. He said Indian own investigators have proved that terrorists attacks in past were the skilful job of RAW to damage Pakistan reputation internationally.

He said that PM Modi is using these techniques in his election campaign for own political interests.

Rehman Malik said that he will continue exposing Narendra Modi for his terrorist mindset. He said that there is nexus between RSS and RAW against Pakistan. The senator also expressed annoyance that India foreign minister SushmaSwaraj has been invited as ‘Guest of Honour’ to the inaugural plenary of the foreign ministers’ conclave of the OIC. He asked the government of Pakistan to raise the issue with OIC and protest on the issue as it is a failure of our foreign policy that Indian FM is being invited to OIC meet as Guest of Honor.