ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan has intervened in the ongoing tug of war between his special assistant on political affairs and minister for information and asked them to settle their differences, The Nation has learnt.

Fawad Chaudhary and Naeem-ul-Haque had locked horns over the issue of Pakistan Television Cooperation Union sit-in against management of the cooperation.

On Wednesday last, addressing to the PTVC protesters, the Information Minister had said that that few non-elected people sitting in the PM office were supporting the MD PTVC.

The statement prompted Haque to come up with a response in the form of a statement wherein he said that Prime Minister had full confidence in the Board of PTV and its management and believed that the PTV should be an independent organisation like BBC and the government will take all steps necessary towards that end.

Taunting Chaudhry, though he did not mention his name, Haque further said that “All newcomers in PTI must understand and follow the philosophy of Imran Khan. The PTI is a strong ideological movement and its success has been due to steadfast determination of its leader to pursue justice and fairness. Anyone thinking otherwise has no future in the party.”

Well Placed sources in the PTI told the Nation that the PM took notice of the exchange of harsh words between the two leaders on social media. The PM discussed the issue for half an hour with both the leaders during the last cabinet meeting. Both the leaders were advised to resolve their issues amicably, the sources added.

They said that the PM also met the MD PTV Arshad Khan on Saturday and directed him to resolve the PTV issues and Naeem-ul-Haque was also part of the meeting.

On Sunday, some senior journalists tweeted that Information Minister had stepped down and sent his resignation to the PM office. But the minister rejected such kind of news during talking to media men in Jhelum while saying he had some reservation over Managing Director of Pakistan Television Corporation which he will take up with the PM in the next meeting.

He also commented on Naeem-ul-Haque’s interference in PTV affairs and said that it was Haque’s habit to interfere in party affairs without any direction of the PM and solid information.

He said that its PM’s job to make a team and it will also be his decision to accommodate anyone in his team. He said that if the PM will order him to leave the ministry, he will definitely follow the decision.

Sources further claimed that the PM also contacted Fawad on Sunday evening on telephone and advised him to sort out the issue and avoid passing comment against each other publically.

Resultantly, Information minister changed his tone and said that he had no personal issues with Haque during media talk on Sunday. The same day, some senior party leaders also conveyed to the PM to stop interference of his all special assistants in Ministry of Information and its related institutions, sources claimed.  

On the other hand, the information minister had also sent an application against MD PTVC to Inspector General Police, Islamabad and asked him to conduct inquiry regarding payment of money from PTVC’s account and submit a detail report in this regard.

Talking to the journalists after attending meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting, the information minister said that all committee members had demanded to remove MD PTVC from the post and committee will also send its recommendations to PM office.

He said that MD PTVC matter had been hijacked and a group was behind him. He said that MD PTVC is always avoiding attending the committee meeting. He advised that the government had advertised the post of MD PTVC, therefore; it will be better for MD PTVC to resign from the post.