KARACHI - Terming the data revealed by the criminals shocking, Additional Inspector General Karachi Police Dr Amir Shaikh on Monday said that drug peddlers arrested by the law enforcement agencies in the recent past claimed that around 80 percent of their clients are from different educational institutions.

Speaking as the chief guest at a seminar entitled ‘role of youth in bringing a positive change in society’ organised by Karachi University Civic and Social Responsibility Society, the city police chief said that this was indeed a very alarming situation. Dr Shaikh highlighted that 65 percent of population of the country is comprised youth and that is why they are called future of Pakistan adding that unfortunately, the police have arrested students who were involved in selling drugs.

He urged that the parents and other family elders should keep an eye on student’s activities and also collect information about their gatherings and whereabouts. He shared that around 700 policemen have been martyred since 2013 in the city whereas 72 traffic policemen also lost their lives in the line of duty. He said that it would be unjust to blame whole police force due to acts of some individuals, adding that only those who are wrong should be considered as wrong.

“There are some sectors of improvement in police division and we have to work together to bring those positive changes in the policing system. In 2018, 331 fatal accidents were reported in which 201 youngsters become the victim and we must follow the traffic rules to reduce the ratio of road traffic incidents and casualties,” the Karachi Police Chief added.

He shared that police always tried its best to arrest criminals and also work hard to get them strict punishments. He asked to look at the factors what are the major reasons of crime in the metropolis. “We need to know why our youngsters are getting involved in criminal activities, research should be conducted to find out if the poverty, unemployment and divisions within the society are some of the reasons,” said the police officer.

He said visit to jail and police stations would be arrange for students so that they could meet lawbreakers and also look at the reasons why did they choose wrong path in their lives. Dr Shaikh also asked students to submit their recommendations and suggestions after the visit so that their research could be used by the concern departments.

Meanwhile, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, KU, Dr Salman Zubair, assured the additional IG Police that Karachi University students would perform duties at traffic signals voluntarily.

The KU Students’ Advisor Dr Syed Asim Ali expressed that it always sounds good when someone says that youth would change the future of the country but we have to perform practically if we really want to bring any change in Pakistan. He shared that in the lights of KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan directives Karachi University has now number of students’ societies like theatre and drama society, music society, debate and discussion society, arts and culture society, sports society and civic and social response society and students are taking part in various positive activities under the umbrella of these societies.