LAHORE - Unidentified motorcyclists shot dead two brothers and a salesman at a meat shop in Baghbanpura, police said on Monday.

Police were yet to ascertain motive behind the horrific shooting which took place in broad daylight on a busy road in Daroghewala. The bullet riddled bodies were sent to the morgue for autopsy on Edhi ambulances. 

Rescue workers said all the three victims died on the spot since they were shot multiple times. Two motorcyclists fired on the victims from a close range and fled on their two-wheeler within a few minutes, a police investigator said. One of the attackers was equipped with Kalashnikov while the other fired shots with pistol.

The victims were identified by police Abdul Ghani, 37, his brother Zain, 17, and salesman Abdullah, 16.  The shopkeepers were busy in work on the meat shop when two motorcyclists appeared there. “All of a sudden, they opened straight fire on the shop owners and the salesman,” a police official quoted an eyewitness as saying. Then, they fled on their motorcycle.

One of the attackers was wearing helmet while the other had covered his face with shawl. They carried out the gun attack and fled within a few minutes, the official said.  The Baghbanpura police registered a triple-murder case against unidentified gunmen and launched the investigation with no arrest made yet. Investigators were going through CCTV footage collected from a nearby shop to examine the incident.

One video clip shows two gunmen firing on the victims from a close distance with automatic weapons. The attackers opened straight fire on the victims after parking their motorcycle on the road outside the shop. They continued firing for a few minutes. Vehicles could be seen moving on the road as usual. However, some passersby fled to safety amid gunshots.  

The deadly shooting triggered panic in the locality on Monday morning as dozens of people gathered outside the meat shop soon after the killings.

Heavy police reached the spot and cordoned off the area. Forensic experts also visited the crime scene to collect evidences. Further investigation was underway.


A 19-year-old boy was found hanged at a house in Sabzazar on early Monday. The deceased was identified by police as Rasab Ali. The deceased was staying with his stepfather Asad Ali.

Police arrested the man and were investigating the incident. The body was moved to the morgue for autopsy.