LAHORE            -          Making his way through an extremely competitive industry environment in the country, the young artist Abdullah Muzaffar is in a league of his own.

Having dropped his new single ‘TereBajon’ some weeks ago, we won’t be exaggerating to say that it has not only made it to our playlists, but has been continuously on repeat!

This romantic ballad is sung in a soulful voice, ‘TereBajon’ really helps us catch a break from the high-paced, fast summer jams, the mellow and soulful approach in this song is what makes it stand out. The lyrics are not empty.

Instead, they have a powerful and meaningful message hidden behind. The song is kind of a story a lover is narrating to his loved one, and with Abdullah Muzaffar’s soulful voice, we can’t help but feel the love and pain in his voice.

‘TereBajon’ is authentic in the best ways. Abdullah Muzaffar sings honestly, and while the music is easy-going, the lyrics show its real meaning. Abdullah croons- ‘Main bhulgayi sari sajna, we dunyadarisajna, main sajdejaakerab dun, bus terasath hi mangna’- the lyrics are like a love confession, backed with the firm yet soft vocals, and beautiful guitar riffs that make you bob your head along to the music.

With few years of released music under their belts, Abdullah Muzaffar seems to have already established a consistent sound and feel to his music that is not a sound that we often get to hear, which is extremely impressive.

The pop-rock feel matched with extremely relatable and reachable lyrics makes him stand out. Abdullah Muzaffar with his new song ‘TereBajon’, reminds us that being simple and keeping it real sometimes really works, particularly in terms of music.