Lahore          -          Chairman Board of Management, Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI) and Lahore General Hospital (LGH) Shahab Khawaja has urged the doctors to focus on research and continue updating knowledge and skills.

Speaking at an inaugural session of 10th Annual Scientific Symposium 2020 at PGMI on Tuesday, he said that thirst for knowledge and improving skill was necessary for own career growth and improving service delivery at hospitals.

Shahab Khawaja urged healthcare providers to follow medical ethics and ensure infection control as these were necessary for early recovery of patients. He appreciated the organizers for holding such events on regular basis which were key for improving knowledge of skills of healthcare providers.

Principal PGMI and LGH Prof Al-Freed Zafar said that the institute has always provided opportunities for higher medical education. He further said that PGMI trained doctors serving abroad were real ambassadors of Pakistan. He urged doctors delivering services abroad to share their knowledge and experience with young doctors.