ISLAMABAD - Mushaal Hussein Mul­lick, the wife of detained Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik, has said that India is involved in religious terrorism in Indian Oc­cupied Kashmir (IOK), as the occupied authorities are making attempts to convert the Muslims ma­jority region into Mus­lims minority.

Mushaal, who is also Chairperson of Peace and Culture Organisa­tion, in her statement on Tuesday said that the fascist Modi govern­ment has snatched reli­gious freedom in the sce­nic valley, as the brutal administration forced to impose Friday sermon of their choice.

She further said that the notorious Modi gov­ernment is transferring the Muslims officers in all important depart­ments and replaced them with Hindu officers.

The Chairperson said that the Muslims majori­ty valley is being convert­ed into Muslims minority by bringing Hindus from elsewhere of the India to the region.

Mushaal demanded that the world powers, the UN bodies and hu­man rights organisations should take notice of these unlawful and un­constitutional steps.

She said that every­where in the world, peo­ple are enjoying religious freedom, but in the oc­cupied Kashmir, people are being de­prived and are barred from performing their religious duties.

She also said that the world powers and human right organisations should play their due role in resolution of the decades-long Kashmir dispute.

She appealed that the Indian brutal forces crossed all limits of brutalities, barbarism and inhuman acts; hence the global powers should come forwards and should stop the occupied admin­istration of these barbarism and state terrorism in the scenic valley.