“It is my dream that we would create a Hindustan of the Hindus. Maharashtrians or Punjabis alone cannot fight against Islam. That is why, I appeal

to all Hindus to break the linguistic wall around them and come together so that we can bring Islam in this country down to its knees.”

–Former Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray


Modi’ BJP has won an outsized mandate in 2019 elections as the people has re-elected BJP.


Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) was founded on 6 April 1980. In its 39 years of age, the party has a story of its own. From just two seats in Lok Sabha in 1984 to winning the second term in the elections that were held this year, the party has inflicted a crushing defeat on the Indian National Congress (INC).

Arundhati Roy dissects the rise of BJP by looking deep into the foundation of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) and its creation of literature that promoted Hindu nationalism. Nevertheless the credit does goes only to RSS. The abysmal performance of INC all these years also made it easier for BJP to reoccupy the treasury benches with Modi as the Prime Minister (PM) of India.

The ideology of BJP can create fissures in the political stability of India. The Hindu vigilantes loathe every thing that is not Hindu. Muslims, Dalits, Christians, leftists, academics and journalists who dissent against the BJP are now vulnerable to persecution in the hands of the followers of Hindu ideology.

BJP will be making similar mistakes in the present that INC made in Indian Subcontinent while refusing to protect the interests of minorities that resulted in partition of the Subcontinent. Is BJP up for another partition of India? Its policies show that it is.