LAHORE         -        Pakistan FMCG Importers Association (PFIA) has urged the government to bring the import and customs duties down to discourage the smuggling, which was also hurting the genuine commercial importers.

These views were expressed at a meeting of the PFIA here on Tuesday, which was chaired by its Chairman Anjum Nisar and attended by Vice-Chairman Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer, Secretary-General Ali Tariq Mattoo, Zeeshan Bukhshi and others. The members of the Association expressed pleasure that the government realizing the hardships of the commercial importers had decided to launch a crackdown against smugglers.

They urged the government to take strict action for discouraging smuggling, which was damaging the national economy. Smuggling was not only discouraging genuine importers but also depriving the government of heavy revenue in shape of loss of duties and taxes.

The Association said that there was no guarantee of smuggled goods thus it was also equal to hoodwinking the consumers. While commercial importers could not compete with smuggled items because of paying duties and taxes on their import, they added.

The PFIA leadership reiterated their demand that the government should make checking by the agencies more effective for eradication of smuggling, promoting genuine businessmen and enhancing revenue.