President Arif Alvi on Wednesday condemned the violence in New Delhi and said that secular forces within India should rise against barbaric actions like the vandalising of a mosque. 

In a post on the social networking platform Twitter, Alvi shared a video of a Hindu supremacist mob climbing on a minaret of a mosque and said that the visuals seemed to be a reminder to Muslims of the Babri Masjid episode. 

"Another update of the disgraceful act. Vandalising a mosque! It seems to be a reminder to Muslims of the Babri Masjid episode. I think secular forces within India should rise against such barbaric actions," he said.

The United Nations on Tuesday also expressed concern over the deadly clashes between Hindus and Muslims in New Delhi in which 19 people have reportedly been killed and a mosque set on fire during protest demonstrations against the controversial Indian citizenship law.

“We are obviously following the situation closely,” the UN Secretary-General’s Spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, said in response to a question at the regular noon briefing at UN Headquarters in New York.

He underscored the need for the Indian security forces to show restraint and to allow the protestors to demonstrate peacefully. “This is the Secretary-general’s constant position,” the spokesman added.