The streets of New Delhi on the day of the American President Donald Trump’s visit started presenting an image of a city of RSS-istan. New Delhi represents the capital of the same RSS-istan against which authors like Pankaj Mishra and Arundhati Roy have long warned the world. What’s happening on the streets of India’s capital is one more episode of communal violence under the rule of Narendra Modi. And this time he is the Prime Minister (PM) of India.

All those who thought that the position of PM in so-called secular India might perhaps reign in Modi’s fascism were wrong all these years. Democracy was never this weak at any point in India’s history as it is now. But will the riots force Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the likes of Modi and Amit Shah to engage in introspection? Perhaps, the answer to this question is a big no.

Many people in India see Modi’s way of ascending to power as the shortest possible way to reach the power corridors. And Kapil Mishra is well aware of this. The tweet of Kapil Mishra has already set the whole city on fire. Secular India has transformed into a Hindu Rashtriya. At least the shocking videos circulating on social media sites where a mob in the presence of policemen are asking the injured ones to sing Vande Mataram attest that India has already metamorphosed into an RSS-istan.

The lack of criticism from opposition parties while New Delhi is burning and communal tensions are escalating on an unprecedented level is unfortunate. It is their silence and acceptance of Modi’s policies that India is anything but a secular democracy. Modi’s policies will perhaps result in the implosion of India. While people may not see that but the way things are unfolding it will not be a surprise if the mainland India witnesses separatist movements.