The concept of the strategic depth was recently criticised a lot in an editorial of an elitist English-language daily of Lahore. This reflects a built-in repulsion of our elite for anything that supports Muslim unity in this chaotic world. The anti-Muslim forces have always worked on Balkanization of the Muslim world and worked to dilute our collaborative power. They play with all kinds of divisive propaganda so that the Muslims remain fissured in as many splinter groups as possible. The way Muslims of Palestine are being killed through a planned genocide with no word of remorse from US, shows how bigoted the civilized world is. Iraq was manipulated to fight against Iran by USA and it was a great folly on the part of Pakistan not to condemn Iraq and support Iran in that war. Iran naturally nourishes severe misgivings since that time. Still, it is great to observe that Tehran has been generous enough to support Pakistan in its hours of peril. Muslims of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran have the closest-possible ties on account of religious, cultural and historical reasons. These provide us with basis for unity. -MUSTANSAR BILLAH, via e-mail, January 13.