LAHORE - Chairman National Coordination Council Aitzaz Ahsan resigned after he faced bitter criticism in the council meeting, however, on the request of senior lawyers he reversed his decision. As the NCC in-camera meeting started at LHC Bar Association premises on Sunday afternoon, the office-bearers of different bars of the country came down upon Aitzaz for his affiliation with Pakistan Peoples Party. Aitzaz tried to clear his position but the members refused to listen to him. As the arguments heated up, Aitzaz said he did want to remain NCC chairman anymore and left his chair. He said Ali Ahmed Kurd would be next chairman and moved the mike towards him. Hamid Khan intervened and controlled the situation. He said the lawyers' movement had entered into a critical phase as they are going to launch a historical long march and a sit-in and Aitzaz's resignation would be a great setback to the movement. He said it would convey a wrong message to public whose participation is a key to success of long march. Member Pakistan Bar Council Hafiz Abdur Rehman Ansari said when the NCC was formed Aitzaz was president of SCBA at that time. He was made chairman to take important decisions regarding lawyers movements after the end of tenure. He said if Aitzaz was not willing to accept this office he should have taken the decision at that time. He pointed out that lawyers have launched the decisive phase of their movement and Aitzaz's resignation would send negative signal to people and rulers. He said the lawyers are required to keep unity in their ranks. He requested Aitzaz to withdraw his resignation and lead the lawyers. It is pertinent to mention here that it was not for the first time that Aitzaz was chided in the meeting as he had faced the same treatment in all the previous meetings. The lawyers also chanted full-throat slogans during his speech at All Pakistan Lawyers' Convention. They were demanding Aitzaz to resign from PPP and due to their sloganeering Aitzaz could not make his speech for a while.