This is with reference to Dr. M. Yaqoob Bhatti's letter published on January 07, 2009 in your newspaper. To cope with present serious shortage of power and water, I fully concur with Mr. Bhatti's suggestion that construction of Kalabagh Dam (3600 MW) should be initiated along with Basha Dam (4500MW). Both of these dams are planned to be located on the Indus River. Basha Dam will be upstream of Tarbela Dam and Kalabagh Dam downstream of Tarbela Dam. Kalabagh Dam is easier to construct, so it can be built in half the time and cost of Basha Dam. These projects include not only construction of dams but also installation of 500kV high-voltage transmission lines for interconnection with the national grid., Upgrading of 300 km of Karakorum Highway from Havalian to Basha Dam and 100km relocation of KKH is also planned. The government must pool all the resources to commence these hydro power projects immediately to produce 8100 MW of cheap electricity which will save us from economic disaster looming in our face. -ENGR MUNAWAR HUSSAIN, Lahore, via e-mail, January 13.