ISLAMABAD - The detestable trade of flesh is mushrooming again under the garb of massage parlours. Several massage parlours, run by foreigners, and were forced to wind up on account of public pressure are mushrooming again. TheNation observed that the posh sectors of the Capital are turning out to be the hub of prostitution. The operators of this heinous trade are running their businesses under the garb of body treatment, fitness centres, manicure and pedicure points and massage parlours. The information gathered by this scribe reveals that Chinese, Russians and Central Asian nationals are running brothels in the sectors G-11, E-11, F-8 and F-11. The concerned police officials of the aforementioned areas, requesting anonymity, cited lacunae to stop the ongoing practice on the grounds that people refuse to become witnesses against them. "People want to stay away from 'thana kutchery culture' and are not ready to cooperate. That's why we have no choice but to bear with the situation," stated an official of Golra Police Station. Officials of other police stations narrated the same story pertaining to the apathy of masses to come forward against the culprits. "Though, people of the said areas keep on lodging complaints against the presence of brothels, but refuse to disclose their identity when asked," they mentioned. A group of Russian call girls who were arrested by Shalimar Police Station in July last year are reportedly on the loose again, in the G-11 sector. The locals of the area disclosed that several Russian prostitutes, headed by an infamous Turkish woman, were arrested a few months back. People alleged that they had been released on account of their contacts with higher-ups and payment of hefty amounts to concerned police officials. "They are back to the business again in the same sector. The only difference is that they have changed the venue," said the residents of sector G-11/1, where the alleged brothel is being run. They are dangerous people so masses don't dare come forward as it invites their enmity, added the locals. In addition, the residents of a street of sector F-8/2, where a Chinese brothel under the garb of massage centre is being run, said that some of the Chinese girls running the said brothel are those who had absconded when late Khateeb of Lal Masjid, Abdur Rashid Ghazi had made them hostage in June 2007. "They vanished for quite a while but are operating again, with a changed venue," people mentioned. Another brothel operating in the sector E-11/4 allegedly employs Pakistani and Chinese prostitutes. "Previously these prostitutes were operating in F-8 Markaz. They shifted to E-11 due to the fear of being nabbed. We have called the police countless times to get rid of them, but police doesn't take any action as police gets their share from these brothels," people alleged. It is pertinent to state that the news unveiling the presence of massage parlours and brothels run by foreigners first came to limelight in June 2007, when Abdur Rashid Ghazi and students of Jamia Hafsa seminary had forced the workers of a massage parlour to stop the business, followed by the raid of the students of the same seminary on infamous flesh trader known as Aunti Shamim. However, with the passage of time, these brothels are mushrooming again, without any heed being paid by the authorities concerned.