What a relief January 20 of the current New Year 2009, will be remembered as a day of deliverance and delight. Not only the citizens of USA but the humanity at large has expressed President George Bush a farewell, undisguised with a sense of disgust and condemnation. The way he turned the high office of the presidency of the most comprehensive power of the world as a symbol of 'hate' and 'incompetence' had never been experienced ever before. George Bush will be remembered as a president, who excelled in 'failure' and follies and perhaps for setting a record of how abysmal can US president's performance be. Despite so many 'think tanks' and universities of unmatched reputation and innovative scholarships, he like Dr Faustus sold his soul to the neocons - who displayed Neo-Nazi like sensibility by the 'Zionists' to control the world through state terror and turmoil. USA has the distinction of producing great patriots like Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and Francis Roosevelt, who believed that respect for humanity is the quintessential value of life. If Henry Wallace were not the victim of British conspiracy, to place Harry S Truman, as successor president to Roosevelt, the global ethos may have been quite different. Wallace would not have been that callous to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki - the two well-populated cities of Japan causing colossal human tragedy. Bush appears to be a reincarnation of Truman. There were other presidents, who also have shown predilection for genocide, for example in Vietnam War, napalm bombs was used besides Agent Orange. Saddam Hussain would not have used chemical weapons against Iran, if Washington had not provided him with such deadly weapons and provide a tacit approval of their use. But those, who commit such great crimes, should not be boastful of their morality, nor should they preach, what they do not practice. Condoleezza Rice has painted her mentor's image (George Bush) in very bright colours to camouflage the reality which was essentially very dark and morbid. The global perception is just the reverse of what Ms Rice has tried to portray. She says: "As in the past, our policy has been sustained not just by our strength but also by our values. The US has long tried to marry power and principle - realism and idealism. At times there have been short-term tensions between them. But we have always known where our long-term interest lies. Thus, the United States has not been neutral about the importance of human rights or superiority of democracy as a form of government, but in principle and in practice. This uniquely American realism has guided us over the past eight years and it must guide us over the years to come" (Foreign Affairs July-August 2008, p 3). One should ask her if she visited Guantanmo Bay or Abu Gharib? Did she notice how ruthlessly human rights were trampled reminiscent of the Nazi Era. The brutal power of the weapons have been amply demonstrated in Afghanistan, Iraq and now through their surrogate - Israel - a last gift of tyranny on the impoverished people of Gaza. Israel's incessant barbarism on the Palestinian and the indiscriminate bombardment in Lebanon using cluster bombs were not possible without US approval. J R Hammond writes: "The US is complicit in Israeli's war crimes against the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip. I encourage my fellow Americans to write your representatives and demand that there be accountability for the use of US weaponry in acts of aggression and war crimes - illegal under US law in addition to international law. Also write Cynthia McKinney and Dennis Kucinich, two rare voices for sense and humanity to thank them for their leadership" (newsletter@foreignpolicyjournal.com). The human massacre in Iraq and Afghanistan and now on the tribal areas of Pakistan reflect George Bush's insatiable lust for human blood. There were 3000 casualties in the Twin Tower tragedy. There are growing realities that 9/11 was 'inside job'. For every one individual, Bush has killed several thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan. Such a mega tragedy has surpassed the death and destruction's even by nuclear weapons. Dimintri K Simes and Paul Saunders have rightly identified that a messianic predisposition to view the world as divided into the children of light and the children of darkness - with no need to compromise with, understand the motives of or redress the concerns of those deemed opponents this becomes timely dangerous. The refusal of most politicians to acknowledge the clear connection between US conduct in the Middle East and the hatred of the United States among Islamic extremists that motivated the September 11 attacks is a case in point? (The National Interests No 94, Mar-Apr 2008, p 3). It is not hard to decipher why Iraq was attacked using blatant lies (contrary to Ms Rice's contention of values and principles in the policies of a pathological maniac killer prone to slaughtering children, women, and the worst possible display of state terrorism was to grab oil wealth of Iraq was the ostensible objective. Afghanistan had to be occupied by cleansing the Al-Qaeda and Taliban, who had defeated the mighty Soviet Army and enabled USA to become the unipolar power. It is the miracle of history that has surfaced in the emergence of Islamic Resistance Force that has frustrated US ambitions to occupy Afghanistan and control the Central Asian Republics and their strategic assets of oil and gas. The cost of the war - Iraq alone is estimated to be around 500 billion dollars and it is yet very far from over. According to Simes and Saunders: "Maintaining a crusading approach to foreign policy will saddle America with immense burden and is inconsistent with efforts to balance budgets, cut taxes, reduce the size of federal government, save the social security system or provide healthcare. This kind of global strategic and financial over-stretch undermines the fundamental health of the American economy and a central pillar of our international leadership (p 6). H G Wells had written a very notorious book, The open conspiracy in which he advocated the concept of world government to be run by the Atlantic elite. The main focus of his book is the end of nation-state. It only lies in the power of the Atlantic communities to impose peace upon the world for which, a war had to be launched by its enlightened warriors. The second most important notion of H G Wells is to control human population to a limit set by a world directorate. All forms of biological control would be necessary for only the Anglo-Saxon need to be allowed to procreate. "Young men and women may be collected into groups arranged upon lines not unlike those of the Bohemian Sokols or the Italian Fasci...." (EIR March 24, 2006, Vol 33, No 12). The dark, the impoverished and low in intelligence must be subjected to ruthless 'birth control', and only the superior race has a right to get the welfare and that it is not for all. The scientific de-population of the darker skinned races of the planet was therefore very vital. H G Wells repudiated the idea that man is made in the image of God - a belief of Christianity as well as of Islam. Man, according to him as an 'imperfect animal, jealous, rageful, easy to anger and "not to be trusted in the dark." Human nature is destructive for him. Therefore, the more you kill them; it is safer for the world. These were also the ideas of late Professor Strauss, a great proponent of Hobbesian ideas, a Jewish Zionist - the intellectual guru of the neocons at University of Chicago. Dick Cheney and rest were his disciples, who ganged up around George Bush, who himself is an extremist and radical Zionist evangelist. George Bush's eight years long tenure appears to be an application of H G Well's design for one world oligarchy (unipolarity) dominated under Anglo-American leadership. He has failed in his mission, miserably leaving a legacy of problems of unprecedented proportion - domestic and global. No president has faced such a Herculean task as Obama and his team, particularly the secretary of state - Hillary Clinton will have to face in the realm of Foreign Affairs. The world needs them to succeed as it is in their success that world could be transformed into an abode of peace. Obama has to initiate the change but it cannot come with a bang. A determined policy to eliminate the scourge of war and the rehabilitation of the domestic economy, the way Bill Clinton achieved are the greatest challenges. Palestine and Kashmir must be liberated, if real peace is to emerge. The menace of terrorism can only be eliminated if state terrorism is stopped forthwith in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine and justice is delivered to the weak and impoverished nations. Bush with his insane obsession with militarism has multiplied the counter-force of terrorism in which human beings are being used as weapons of destruction. Foremost for Obama and his team is to restore the good image of USA, which a white president (Bush) has blackened. It is now for black Obama to bring back the lost glory and the 'glitter'. The writer is a political analyst. E-mail: fr786pak@isb.comsats.net.pk